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Posts by: Antonet @PrettyBrilliant

Affordable Fashion Fashion If you are looking for affordable Chanel bag dupes, then keep reading. I have listed several Chanel designer dupes to fulfill any fashion lovers' collection. Chanel is iconic and classic. It will never go out of style. But these beautiful bags are expensive and not something the average person can afford. Thankfully there are so
Affordable Fashion Fashion

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for Chloe handbag dupes that won’t break the bank. Not only are Chloe bags beautiful and gorgeous, but they are also out of my price range. As a single mom of 2, I can’t afford all the beautiful designer clothes and bags that I’d love,

SEWING sewing tutorials

Let’s be very serious, finding store-bought clothes that fit perfectly is a struggle. Even if you can find some clothes that fit well in one store (lucky you) then you won’t find that it fits you in another store. All the sizes are different from one store to the next. I know they do this


This isn’t really a tutorial but I wanted to show what I made with the leftover fabric from the wide-leg pants I altered. If you don’t know what pants I’m talking about click here to see the pants. Once I had finished altering the pants I decided to do something with the leftover fabric. My

SEWING sewing tutorials

Ok, let’s talk wide-leg pants! Do you love them or do you hate them?Do you prefer a pattern or no pattern?I’m a pattern junky. As much as I love a solid color, a great print will get me every time. These pants called out to me as I walked down the aisles of my favorite


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