This isn’t really a tutorial but I wanted to show what I made with the leftover fabric from the wide-leg pants I altered. If you don’t know what pants I’m talking about click here to see the pants.

20200411 132545 3

Once I had finished altering the pants I decided to do something with the leftover fabric. My man was like who you making a top for with that…your daughter hahaha

Well, I think it turned out really well. I started taking scraps and sewing them together into a shape that I liked. I only hand sewed one seam and the rest I used my serger to attach.

IMG 20200511 122439

I originally planned to make this into a triangle top but changed my mind as I went along. I even ended up adding more fabric and changing the shape.
I bought some navy elastic to add to it. It was taking a lot longer than I expected for the elastic to show up so I ordered some more.

IMG 20200511 130931
IMG 20200512 182409 1

This company informed me that they weren’t carrying anymore navy elastic. But they could send me elastic in the color brilliant blue. I went online and decided Caribbean blue would match better.
To me it makes the pattern pop. Thankfully the navy elastic I ordered did show up.

After I got it into a shape I needed to add a lining so I took an old shirt I wasn’t wearing and tacked it onto the shirt.
I took some time to figure out how I wanted the elastic to be sewn on but here’s what I ended up with. I did change my mind several times while I was putting this top together. I would sew, try it on and then tweak it until I was satisfied.

IMG 20200512 180632 1
IMG 20200517 173313
IMG 20200517 205428

I was going to have the blue band show in the front, but after trying it on with the pants I decided to flip it inwards and have the blue only show in the back.

IMG 20200518 162216

I’m so in love with how it turned out. I can’t wait to wear this top in the summer!

back view of geometric top 1

What do you think of the back of this top? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments below.